Friday, February 25, 2011

The solution to every problem....

"It is too hot!" have a Mickey Bar

"Lines too long?" have a Mickey Bar

"Is it lunch time yet?" have a Mickey Bar

"Is it too crowded?" have a Mickey Bar

"This popcorn is too salty!" have a Mickey Bar

"My feet are soooo tired!" have a Mickey Bar

"Was that taste of Beverly too nasty?" have a Mickey Bar

"Lori just beat me at Toy Story Mania!" have a Mickey Bar


  1. This may be my favorite post! I have not ever had a Mickey Bar, but I am sure I will love them. Not it, them. I plan to have a lot. In fact, I was motivated to go ahead and exercise today with the thought of having more than one Mickey Bar!

  2. Going to Disney World?Have a mickey bar.
    Jack is the awesomenest!(true fact)Have a mickey bar.

  3. Is it just me or does it look like there is a bug in that photo partaking of that chocolatey-creamy goodness? Back off bug...this one's all mine!

  4. I just can't wait! I will be dreaming of Mickey Bars...

  5. I don't even think I would mind the bug! A bite for you, a bite for me.